Dayan Mitchell

Soccer Player

Center Mid-Field

A combination of above average game intelligence, ball control, and technical skills finds Dayan distributing the ball from the mid-field, most often the 8 or 10 position.

He's played with the Fairbanks Eclipse Club Boys 00,99, U-18 and U-19 teams, Fairbanks Rush 00 Boys, the Alaska Football Club (AKFC) Crossfire 00 Boys, and with the state's Olympic Development Program (ODP) and Alaska Development Program (ADP) teams.  He was welcomed in the local men's league when he was 13 years old, and began his high school soccer season earning his Varsity letter as a Freshman.

Of special note, the AKFC team, which included players from around the state by invitation only, achieved platinum status and via their success in tournaments earned the priviledge of playing against some of the best teams in their age group in the country.  They maintained their platinum status for about two years before the team went inactive.  Dayan was one of the star players for the AKFC team who helped ensure a powerful and productive mid-field.

Dayan Mitchell

High Achieving Student

Dayan is currently ranked first in his class with a 4.275 cumulative GPA (last updated 20 June 2017)

Dayan Mitchell